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Guangxi Medical University

Guangxi Medical University - School of International Education

Details of the Application
Itenary Details
Application Last Date 02 July
College Starting 10 November
City Nanning
Duration of Study 6 Years
Teaching Language English
College Fees 30,000 (RMB) per Year
Total Package 3,27,000 RMB* approx

*To be paid in yearly instalments as the following: (1 RMB = 10 RUPEES)

1st Year Payment in India
Sl No. Structure Payment in India Student Fee (RMB)
1 Registration Fee 1000
2 Admission Fee 15,000
3 Consultancy Fee 15,000

Most important we provide Coordinator’s service for all Indian students (travelling from India) who will accompany with the student up to the University. The coordinator will also set up everything for the student there in China like Hostel Room Allotment, Medical Insurance, Medical Check Up in China, and Residency Permit in the 1st year, So that the student will feel at home.

This differentiates our Consultancy with others as we can do these essential duties for the students since we know Chinese Language very well plus have direct access in most of the University.

Our Consultancy Charges includes the Following:
01. University Development Fees (This constitutes 55% of our charges).
02. Airfare one Side from Bangalore to University / College
03. Visa charges with 100% Visa Guarantee
04. Authorization of Documents Charges
05. Legalization and Attestation of Documents Charges
06. Admission Letter from University
07. Visa paper from China
08. Courier of Admission Letter and other Documents from China
09. Arranging and sending students to China in batches
10. Accompanying with students from India to China
11. Immigration Clearance in China
12. Transfer from airport to University by bus
13. Arranging proper hostel for students
14. Assistance in Visa extension and registration in Government departments in China
15. Assisting in Medical Check Up and Medical Insurance in China
Structure of Expenses in China
S.N. 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee 30,000 (RMB) 30,000 (RMB) 30,000 (RMB) 30,000 (RMB) 30,000 (RMB) 30,000 (RMB)
Accommodation 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Life Insurance 600 600 600 600 600 600
Internet 300 300 300 300 300 300
Food & Extra Expense 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000
Books student 400 400 400 400 400 No
Phy.examination 400 No No No No No
Beddings charges 400 No No No No No

All the fees must be paid in RMB at the beginning of each academic year.
Value of the currency conversion will be applied during the time of admission.
The above mentioned tuition fee is for students reference and it may vary.